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One of the disadvantages of working full-time is that I can’t blog til I get home. Then I have to settle in, eat dinner, talk with the kiddos about school, then I get some daddy time. And before blogging, I have to check on my websites, answer emails, and clear out my Google Reader.And when I want to blog about something I read earlier in the day, everyone else already has. 😦

Heather Headley had that Me Time song. Can someone make a “Daddy Time”?

OK. Now on to what I really wanted to blog about.

Apparently, there is a rumor floating that current NASA top-dog, Mike Griffin, is data-blocking on the Obama transition team. The team has asked NASA to clarify the status and costs of a number of projects including the embattled Ares program. The questions focus on savings that can be achieved from scaling back or canceling the program. But, they also ask what would be the result of receiving increased funding. So as promised, Obeezie is looking at all options.

Either way, I think the signs are there for Mike: Your time is short, money.

With the change that Obeezie and company are promising to bring to D.C., I can only hope that this spills over into NASA. The programs coming out of NASA have for the most part been very well done (big ups on the long lasting MERs). However, a lot more could be going on if there weren’t the big drags on the department budget due to some colossal cost overruns: space shuttle (keep or replace), ISS (finish and expand or abandon), MSL (now we have to wait two more years), just to name a few.

Later in the day, Mike said all was cool between him and the transition team. I think it’s best for him to play nice, if there is any chance he’ll keep his job (which I don’t think there is).


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  1. Living near Cape Canaveral, I see how the shut down of the shuttle program is affecting the area, and even though the rocket program is supposed to take up the slack, it won’t get going for a long time yet. A lot of people are out of jobs in a time when there is nowhere else to go. Most of the scientists are being transferred to other NASA facilities, but the support personnel aren’t. And steel construction workers in the area have long depended on the Cape for construction work.

    Plus, the first rockets won’t be ready for about 5 years, so are we just not going to send people into space for that length of time? I know the shuttles are dangerously outdated and they don’t want to spend money to build a new one, but what about repairs and updates on the ones we have to keep them viable while the rocket program is getting started?

    Alright, I’m stepping down off my soap box now. 🙂

    • Geordi Calrissian

      Yeah. That’s the dilemma. Same with what the car industry is going through. You have something good going for a long time. But without planning for the future, there will come a truly heartbreaking point in time. I hope the new administration can make some decisions to make way for the future, but at the same time keep the people and infrastructure that is in currently place. A tall order to say the least. And to jump on to your soapbox, how do you go from being a shuttle EE to anything else? Even with the number of private teams starting up in the Cape area, it will be a while before we are full into the space race again.

  2. Are the private teams going to represent us as a nation? Doubtful. They are, after all, privately funded. They are going to look out for their backers and their own interests. I am certainly in favor of them existing and spurring some competition to get us as a planet moving, but they can NOT be counted on to represent the interests of the United States in space, and right now, when there is potential for an energy source on the moon (of the moon, I guess) is not a good time for us to fall behind. We might never catch up.

    Sorry, that soap box just jumped right back under my feet.

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