Asteroids, CMEs, and GRBs, Oh My!


If I were going to write a book, I would probably tease it on my well-read blog and keep the public guessing and salivating for its release. BA did this for his new book, Death From The Skies. And I was pretty well stoked when it came out. I had a few other books in the pipeline to finish first, but I should have put this one at the head of the class.

In my opinion, this book rocks! I finished it in under three days. It uses the perfect blend of scientific detail and witty humor in describing the many scenarios of space-based disaster that could affect our little pale blue dot. It does not overwhelm the reader with hard to read or understand jargon. I’m a big nerd, so delving into the details of the life cycle of stars and how they eventually run out of fuel was right up my alley. Walking back through time to the Big Bang (and coming to understand that it was not really a bang) was equally fascinating.

I came to understand a lot more about things I’d only scraped the surface on up until now; for example, CMEs (why they occur) and GRBs (where they originate from). Just a month ago I was playing around with the Sky mode of Google Earth and stumbled on a layer that plotted the most recent GRBs across the visible sky. Reading the chapter on GRBs gave me whole new perspective on the word devasting!

I would recommend this book for the casual person that may be interested in space science, as well as to the hard-core tech heads like myself. It is always nice to be able to come across someone that can explain something so profoundly technical and scientific in terms that are readily understood by the masses. Now if we can only get these types of materials as required reading in high school to help stimulate the next generation of scientists.

Great job Phil!


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