BA recently featured a picture of the space shuttle from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture series. I like this shot. Then I realized that I had only clicked through through 1 set out of 3. After looking through the rest (warning: there are some very tough-to-look-at images in the bunch, the most difficult requiring an extra click-through), I found this beauty.


I hate to admit it, but like most city dwellers I have never seen the Milky Way with my own eyes (upper right cloudy looking area of the picture above). There is just too much light pollution to make out that wispy cloud in the sky where the bulk of our galaxy shines down upon our pale blue dot.

I’m going to make it a goal to make my way to a dark sky site somewhere in the next year. Is there anything more beautiful?


About Geordi Calrissian

African American? Check. Nerd cred? Check. Star Trek? Check. Star Wars? Check. What else is there?

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  1. These pics are fabulous. I may use one as my new desktop.

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