Net neutrality under attack!

Many people don’t keep up with the latest tech news, unless it something awesome and amazing. But sometimes, it is the least hyped stories that have the potential for the most impact to society.

One issue that has been batted around for some time is Net Neutrality. The basic concept is that companies that provide access to the intertubes must not restrict said access (whether through complete blockage or speed reduction) to any web content. For example, SBC cannot degrade the download speed of your internet access, if you visitĀ  the Apple iTunes site. The net must be neutral to all.

I read this earlier on Slashdot. FTFA (emphasis is mine):

AOL, Yahoo! and MSN subscribers will continue to have access to content but will no longer be able to access their e-mail through the third party Web site. Instead, Yahoo! and other third party e-mail will be accessed directly at the portal.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty pissed if somone told me I could not just type in and get to my email account. I would not want to look at Fairpoint’s stinkin ads!

I really feel for the people in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (where FairPoint is set to take over), if they have no other internet access option. I hope we see the one of the first “net lockdown” revolts in early February.

Fairpoint might be wise to learn a little history about pissing off those Northeasterners


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