I Wish I Could Draw :-(

Sometimes I get full of myself over my technical prowess. Being the GoTo guy in my family (and extended family) for all things computer related, being adept in a number of programming languages, exhibiting my highly advanced skills in Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL at work.

But I have no artistic skill. Can’t draw squat. Can’t act my way out of a sleeping bag. Can’t sing worth a lick. Can’t play an instrument (at least not now, but I think I can learn).

So when I come across something so nerdy, yet so artsy at the same time, I get a little jelly.

I saw this over on Boing Boing today. Mr. Fleming, you sir are dope! I may have to order me up something from his Big Cartel shop and give the guy some financial love!


About Geordi Calrissian

African American? Check. Nerd cred? Check. Star Trek? Check. Star Wars? Check. What else is there?

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