Obama showing NASA some love

lunar_roverI’m still getting caught up with my nerd news because of the move. But I thought this was worthy of me taking a break from unpacking. I’ve had a few posts about NASA, Obama and what is in store for the future of America’s space program. It’s encouraging to see that our beloved national space program will be shown some love at the inaugural parade.

The STS-126 crew, as well as the experimental Lunar Electric Rover (see picture) will be featured. With the record crowds that are expected (not to mention on TV and on the intertubes), let’s hope this generates some excitement amongst the American public.

You can follow the Rover team as they progress through the parade on Twitter. Go NASA!

**Update (Jan. 20)** The NASA Twitter site linked to this picture. Looks like Barack and Michelle stuck it out for the long haul. Look at all of the empty seats!


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  1. I’m glad to see some of that equipment getting a little use. Now if we could just send it where it was meant to go…

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