Baby Cylon, Not Baby Cylon

Baby Nicky, the not half-cylon baby

Baby Nicky, the not half-cylon baby

There is a scene in the Color Purple, where Celie finds out that the man she thought was her daddy, is not her father after all. Which is especially good news, as the man got her pregnant and had two kids with her. In the movie, she says “Pa not pa”. I thought of this when last night’s episode revealed that Baby Nicky was not a half-cylon after all.”Baby cylon, not baby cylon“.

In my opinion, this was another great episode! For the most part, things were being setup for later in the season. The President stopped taking her meds, Zarak is up to no good as usual, the Good Cylons are making a powerplay, and Adama is trying to keep it all together. And we can’t forget Felix going off the deep end and starting to plan a mutiny (I was just waiting for him to bust out in song!).

I am definitely looking forward to next week. I get the feeling that the writers have really put some thought into how all of this closes out. I am going to miss good TV like this, once the show ends. 😦


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