By The Power of GraySkull!

Im gonna smash my way back to popularity!

I'm gonna smash my way back to popularity!

Last week, BA had me jazzed with a link to a 70’s / 80’s SuperHero montage. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it. But now comes word of a possible 80’s cartoon hero comeback. Rumor has it over at that He-Man is making a return to the American media and on the big screen at that.

I’m not too sure how this will play out in today’s world. There have been plenty of I’mma-make-a-old-super-hero-new-again busted ass movies the past few years. One of the key features with the Man was his (and his companion’s) over the top buffness. And who can forget Battle Cat (which would have been a sweet name for a rapper in the 80’s when SuperCat was doing his thing).

I wonder who will play the hero this time? Back in 1987, it was I wanna-be-Arnold, Dolph Lundgren. It will be interesting to see how they script this out and make it an excellent movie for us old school folk, but yet relevant for the youngins, like my kids.

Please Mr. Stevenson, don’t mess up my wonderful memories!


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