Late To The Methane Debate

This morning I was looking for some new nerdy blogs to add to my reader list and stumbled across The Martian Chronicles. After getting over my initial jealousy after reading Ryan, Briony, and Melissa’s bio (I want to be like them when I grow up), I found a pretty cool NASA movie on the site (reposted below):

A week or so ago, our Red Brother caused a sensation by giving us a deeper glimpse of what may lie under the covers of its rusty surface. I won’t go into detail (BA has a great discussion on the topic), but for the people who are reading this blog and have yet to hear about this topic, here is the low down:

The source of the methane could be one of two things: chemical reactions or biological reactions. The chance that it could be a biological source has a huge impact on our study of life and where and how it evolves in our universe. The only place we are absolutely 100% sure that life exists, is our wonderful home planet. If we discover that life exists on another planet, let alone on a planet that has as harsh an environment as Mars, bodes well for possibilities elsewhere.

At the rate we are finding exoplanets these days, we could already have a view into hundreds of life bearing worlds.


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