So Far So Good – Go Kepler!

Kepler leaving the gravity well

Kepler leaving the gravity well

In between commercials of this week’s BSG episode (which was a 7.5 out of 10 for me),  I kept switching back to the NASA TV channel (one of the benefits of living in Huntsville and next to a NASA facility, is that they have their own channel on cable!). I missed the initial live launch of Kepler, but caught it on a replay. So far so good!

UPDATE 2009/03/07: After a near perfect liftoff and separation (watch the cool video), Kepler has achieved its heliocentric orbit. Heliocentric means that Kepler will orbit the sun, not the Earth. The launch placed the new telescope in the same orbit as our planet, but 950 miles away (trailing of course). Over time, it will continue to drift further and further away. In about 30 days, we’ll start to see the first scientific results. Booya!


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  1. Wait, you mean not everyone gets the NASA channel? I guess living in central FL near Cape Canaveral does have some advantages other than great beaches and wonderful weather (ok, yes, I’m just bragging now).

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