I’m Not Getting It

Im confused! Am I a RAT?

I'm confused! Am I a RAT?

About two weeks ago, I started reading Samuel R. Delany’s Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand. I’d read many high-praise reviews before picking up the book and was looking forward to my lunch time ritual of getting in 20 – 30 pages. But…

This was a very tough read. I was only able to finish the first two chapters. I told y’all before that I am a hard-scifi type of person. I knew about 5 pages into the read that this was not something I normally take up. By the end of the 2nd chapter I was exhausted. And it took me two weeks to get there. I know I promised an extensive review, but I can’t even do that justice. So, I’ll close out with I tried.

For my next book, I’m diving back into familiar territory: Scalzi’s, The Last Colony. I read “Old Man’s Tale” about a year ago and I am skipping over “The Ghost Brigades”. I hope that isn’t an issue for story continuation.

Maybe I’ll try another Delany book in the future…

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