Space Camp! Godspeed Lil’ Calrissian!

All Aboard!

All Aboard!

When I was a wee-chile, I had dreams of going to Space Camp. I first heard about it when I saw the movie. What movie you say?! THE movie!!!! Space Camp. I wanted to be Rudy on that one for real.

But being from an Ohio middle-class home with four other kids in the house, it was a little steep for Mom & Dad to send the boy down to Alabama for a week (plane flight, space camp fees, etc).

But now that I am grown and we are in Huntsville proper, my kids can partake in that dream on my behalf. First up is my son. He’s off to spend a week in training to become the next astronaut (or maybe a lunarnaut or aresnaut for his time). I can just imagine the fun that he’s going to have this week. Mrs. Calrissian has not flipped out yet from her baby being gone (this is his first multi-day trip away from momma bear). But, we’ll see how she is come Thursday.

P.S. They do have an adult Space Camp. But that sounds kinda creepy! 🙂


About Geordi Calrissian

African American? Check. Nerd cred? Check. Star Trek? Check. Star Wars? Check. What else is there?

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  1. Hope the little guy has fun! I always wanted to go to Space Camp myself, but never had the chance. Now that I’m older, I get my space kicks in other ways 😉

  2. Geordi Calrissian

    Thanks Mike! I’m in my mid-30’s and am looking to get my “space kicks” in other ways too. I’ll have to make some career changes for that, but everything in its own time…

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