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The View From My Underwater Headquarters

The View From My Underwater Headquarters

Just a few weeks ago, I tracked my 1000th hit on my blog. And yesterday, without realizing it, I posted my 100th article. This is fun!


Review: William Forstchen’s One Second After

One Second AfterIt’s been a while since I’ve had a post-apocalyptic fix. Mr. Forstchen does not disappoint.

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Buzz Aldrin, Snoop, and Talib

Check out my GeekDad post on the latest hip hop artist to hit the scene:

Kayuga Falling Into The Moon

Kayuga completed it’s mission and as planned crashed into the moon last week. JAXA released the HD video of its demise onto their YouTube channel. Wow! LCROSS is many times more massive than Kayuga, so the fireworks will be impressive. But LCROSS does not have an HD camera aboard. Someone should turn this into a 3D video.

Geekout My Work Desk

All your databases are belong to us

All your databases are belong to us

Since moving into my new job, my work desk is kinda boring. Part of the reason is that I am not sure what would constitute “appropriate” for a contractor at a government facility. But still, I really need to get some inspiration going in my workspace.

I saw this pic over on today. I’d love to put this wee lil’ Cylon near my computer to let folks know my steez. Here are links to a few other desktop goodies I’d love to have. Anyone want to donate? I accept checks, money orders, cash, and will sign up for PayPal if you want to go that route.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day

My kids already know I am their father and I’ve never cut their hand off. So I can say I have one up on Vader this morning!

Last Emperor – Secret Wars, Part 1

The hotness…

Anybody know where I can get an MP3 for this?

Crashing Into The Moon For Science

Repost from my GeekDad article:


The View From My Spacestation Headquarters

Wooohooo! Cracked the 1000 total visits mark this morning on my wee lit’l blog.

Next takeover mark, the WORLD!

See you on the internets!


Magnificent Desolation – The Moon

If you have the download power, you HAVE to click through to the video on YouTube and watch this in HD (click the little HD icon near the sound button):

Via Bad Astronomy.

New Star Wars MMO Trailer, The Fanboy In Me Shivers With Glee

I may have to break my “No MMO” rule for this…

Via IO9..

Review: Robert Buettner’s Orphan’s Triumph

Orphan's TriumphAfter forty years of war and time dilation travel, Jason Wander is ready to end it with the Slugs.

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Review: Robert Buettner’s Orphan’s Alliance

Orphan's TriumphEarth cannot take on the Slugs alone. We need our scattered cousins to help us through the war.

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