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Review: Orbit by John Nance

OrbitAn okay read. But I read this after a re-read of The Deathly Hallows (one of the greatest books of all time), so I was coming off of a story high.

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2012 Is Coming!

Sorry for playing into the hype, but this viral ad for a fictitious company featured in the new movie is pretty slick. BA says he’s gotten email from people thinking that the ad is real. The trailer for 2012 rocks, I can’t wait until we go see it!

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SQL Swagger

twiter_01On Friday, the #songsincode tag was making its way around the Twitterverse. I came up with one that I thought was pretty cool. Can you guess which song this is:

select count(1) from corner_folk 
where swagger > (select swagger from corner_folk 
where name = "us"); 
0 rows returned;

Neill Blomkamp: My New Favorite Director In The World

I have not even seen D9 yet. But my friends over at GeekDad, tell me it’s a keeper. Through that article, I saw the link to the “may be dead” Halo movie concept. Seeing as how I’ve just started to get into Halo, this “trailer/mini-movie” was spot on. I hope the movie powers that be reconsider now that Neill has blown the spot up. I wanted to embed the movie from Spyfilms, but could only get the Quicktime download. Here is the YouTube version. But please go to the Spyfilms site to see other great concepts!

GeekDad: NASA’s Decisions

geekdadnewlogoMy post on GeekDad went popular today. I even got above the fold for the first time!

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Review: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's GameA classic! This book is a very quick read and I recommend it for young sci-fi buffs.

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Review: Star Wars: Omen by Christie Golden

Star Wars OmenThis was not a good read. I have faith that Troy Denning will do the series well in the next one.

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Trailer For Del Toro’s The Strain

I just finished reading the awesomely badass The Strain last week (see my review here). While looking up the opinions of other folks on the internets, I ran across this equally badass trailer! A must share! (warning: language definitely NSFW)