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GeekDad: Surrogates Review

geekdadnewlogoI did a review of the new Surrogates movie on GeekDad. Sit back in your stim chair and click the link below…

A Little Inspiration

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or a thousand little shards of inspiration and dreams! For those of you that have space or astronomy geeklets, then this site will definitely do the trick:

Here is one of my favorite pics:

The Sombrero Galaxy

The Sombrero Galaxy

Big ups to BA for the link to this great site!

Happy Autumnal Equinox

full-harvest-moon1Continuing a dance that goes back millions of years, the northern hemisphere of our beautiful planet experienced the Autumnal Equinox today. The slow march to shorter days and cold nights will continue to the end of December. Enjoy the remaining days of sunshine whilst they last.

GeekDad: Star Wars Concert

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Use the Force and click the link below!

I Want – A Personal Lunar Lundar

ngllc-patch-2009Missed this over the weekend. The XPrize Lunar Lander Challenge is giving 1,000,000 buckaroos to the first team that can build a lunar lander that:

  • make a round trip between two landing pads
  • refuel at the 2nd landing pad
  • hang in the air for at least 3 minutes during each leg of the round trip
  • land on a pad that is littered with fake lunar boulders

Here is the first leg of flight #1 from Armadillo Aerospace

War of the Worlds: Goliath

war_of_the_worlds_goliath_posterWhile doing research for a new GeekDad article, I stumbled across an article on SciFi Scoop (my new favorite site) about an exciting straight to DVD movie (coming in 2010). War of the Worlds: Goliath takes the H.G. Wells story of Martian invasion and follows through with the Martians returning after a 15 year hiatus. Evidently, they’ve overcome their microbe issue and are ready to try & take Earth once again. But this time, we are ready! Steampunk mechas y’all!

Check out the trailer (below) and the official site.

NOTE: Not that I mind, but why does the brotha always have to be muscle-bound and pack major heat!

Hubble Rocks!

For many years, the champions of Hubble lobbied NASA, the Congress, and the various Presidents to provide funding for a final space shuttle repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. A few of the key components had broken down over its long life span and an upgrade / repair would work wonders.

After much wrangling, the wishes were granted and STS-125 was scheduled and flew earlier this year. And now the mission is paying off. Just take a look at the spectacular picture below!

Eta Carinae

This picture shows the light spectrum from Eta Carinae, a truly massive star (100 times the size of Sol). You can see the signatures if the various elements plotted on the image. The jumbo “bubbles” on the sides of the star are gases that result from huge explosions from within. In other words, we should be glad we don’t live on a planet anywhere near here!

I’m looking forward to more great images and science from Hubble. And it can only get better with the JWST, which launches in 2014.

GeekDad: Into The Future

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Check me out!

Check me out:

Kepler May Find Endor

Will we here Imperial shuttle communications?

Will we here Imperial shuttle communications?

Ok. I’m stretching a little. But, from an article over at RedOrbit, the Kepler team believes that there is no reason that NASA’s latest planet hunter should not also be able to detect a planet’s moons. I really hope that Kepler finds a boatload of potentially habitable systems. With confirmation that there are other possibly life bearing worlds, a massive launch of new science and experiments could finally listen in on a galactic conversation. These are definitely exciting times!

You can follow more Kepler news here.

Thanks Slashdot!

Will Somebody Please Buy Me A New Telescope!?!?!

So I can shoot pictures like this! Very cool! Now remember kids, this was taken from the ground and the ISS is about 215 miles up!


Gracias senor BA!