Review: The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier, Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell

The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier, Dreadnaught (note: I did not read this book in a few days, but completed it before I could post the review of the last one)

I absolutely devoured the first Lost Fleet series. A great “realistic” version of space battle (no super weapons here, just pure physics). And although I was about burnt out by time I read the last book (which was somewhat of a let down), I was excited to hear about the new series.  The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier, Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell continues with more of the same. However, it’s subpar to the first series thus far.

The first third of the book is focused on politics. What’s the alliance going to do now that Black Jack has brought the fleet home and won the war? Which senators or other members of the government are conspiring against Geary? What about at fleet headquarters? Geary and Captain Desjani debate and counterdebate with other leading members of the fleet as they also take on their new mission: seek out the enigma race and find out what they want.

Once the fleet gets underway, the action picks up pretty quickly. And in trademark Campbell style, the author does a great job of making a days long encounter exciting and fun. But where the first series had a lot of intrigue and mystery in between the battles as the fleet tried to fight their way home, this new novel has some pretty boring “in betweens”. I felt like much of the time was setup for what we will see further down the line in the series. The story ends with a lot of unanswered questions. So I’m holding my breath right now…

I’m going to hold off my final verdict for now…and we’ll see after book 2 (8 in the total series)…

When you have a sec, be sure to visit the author’s web site (under his real name, John Hemry; Campbell is a pseudonym):

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