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Are my kids hiding something?!

voltronThe other day I went to record NatGeo’s Journey to the Edge of the Universe in HD (still haven’t watched it yet, but I want to make sure I have pure uninterrupted time) and noticed that the DVR was nearly full. So I start deleting a bunch of old stuff (mainly Mrs. Calrissian’s reality junk, Keyshia Cole and Brutha) and low and behold there is an episode of Voltron saved on there.

Now, I didn’t save it. The Mrs. may have. So that leaves one of two suspects. I can’t see my daughter actually sitting down and watching Voltron. Well maybe if I sat with her. Now my son, maybe. No one confessed, not sure why, it’s not like they’d be in trouble.

But needless to say, I didn’t delete it! I’ll have to watch that after JEU.

And yes, the Black Lion will kill all of the rest and not break a sweat!