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Gangsta Spock!

Straight Outta Vulcan

Posts have been slow following the move. I’m working on getting back into the groove (here and on GeekDad!). Until then, enjoy some great artwork!

Great pic tetsuoshima!

Going The Extra Mile

I recently finished reading Scott Sigler’s Contagious (see my review). After getting online and looking through the author’s website, another of his novels caught my eye. Not necessarily for the title, but the pictures. And I’m not talking about the book cover!

The novel, The Rookie, is about a human playing in the Galactic Football League. A future, rough and tumble version of American football. The reviews of the novel are great. The response from Sigler’s fans are phenomenal!

From the website, Scott has links to official team logos; he’s selling jerseys, hats, and stickers; there’s even an iPhone app! Now this is what I call “customer engagement”. This is the future! Bringing your fans that extra level of involvement to drive loyalty, respect, and of course dollars!

New authors (and existing ones if you can run with the times) take note! Your fanbase can become just as intense. This will be what the market demands as the social space of the internet further moves into our everyday lives.

Fall 20 Miles And Survive

In 1960, a crazy Air Force pilot rode a balloon up to 102,000 feet (a third of the way into “space”) and jumped. Wearing a special suit, Joe Kittinger eventually reach 600+ miles per hour in his free fall, breaking the sound barrier. The fall and subsequent parachute landing still stands in the record books.

Now, 50 years later, another crazy man wants to break that record. Felix Baumgartner is currently training and this year plans to ride up to 120,000 feet. Felix’s suit will be using today’s technology and his team will be able to monitor his descent from the ground. He too will break the sound barrier in his dive.

All I know is he better have an HD camera so that he can share with the world, as I doubt I’ll ever attempt this myself. But you never know…

Via Gizmodo.

Happy Birthday Geordi Calrissian!

Nerdy, Yet Smooth





It was one year ago today that I started up Geordi Calrissian. And it has been great to have a place to share my thoughts and ideas about nerd life for a 30 something Black man in America. I have no clue as to how many people regularly read this blog. But, if you find your way here, I hope you truly enjoy it!

Here are some stats to go with that first post:

So happy birthday GC! And here is to many more.

Burton / Wolfe Entertainment

As you can tell from the name of this site, I’m a big fan of Levar Burton. A month or so ago, he and his business partner Mark Wolfe launched a logo design contest over on Worth1000’s Logo Contest page. Well, they have selected a winner!

All rights reserved to Burton/Wolfe Entertainment

This is a great image and hits on all of the points the duo laid out as requirements. I’d heard both good and bad things about logo contests. If I ever started a company, I would probably go the same route. But having a famous name to associate with it probably helps to bring out the pro designers.

GeekDad: Star Wars Concert

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Use the Force and click the link below!

Will Somebody Please Buy Me A New Telescope!?!?!

So I can shoot pictures like this! Very cool! Now remember kids, this was taken from the ground and the ISS is about 215 miles up!


Gracias senor BA!

Neill Blomkamp: My New Favorite Director In The World

I have not even seen D9 yet. But my friends over at GeekDad, tell me it’s a keeper. Through that article, I saw the link to the “may be dead” Halo movie concept. Seeing as how I’ve just started to get into Halo, this “trailer/mini-movie” was spot on. I hope the movie powers that be reconsider now that Neill has blown the spot up. I wanted to embed the movie from Spyfilms, but could only get the Quicktime download. Here is the YouTube version. But please go to the Spyfilms site to see other great concepts!

GeekDad: NASA’s Decisions

geekdadnewlogoMy post on GeekDad went popular today. I even got above the fold for the first time!

Check me out:

If We’d Met In High School


Geekout My Work Desk

All your databases are belong to us

All your databases are belong to us

Since moving into my new job, my work desk is kinda boring. Part of the reason is that I am not sure what would constitute “appropriate” for a contractor at a government facility. But still, I really need to get some inspiration going in my workspace.

I saw this pic over on today. I’d love to put this wee lil’ Cylon near my computer to let folks know my steez. Here are links to a few other desktop goodies I’d love to have. Anyone want to donate? I accept checks, money orders, cash, and will sign up for PayPal if you want to go that route.

Google Wave Is Going To Kill Everybody

I pray for Google’s competition. They will become a monopoly simply because they create the BEST products!

See What Those Kids In NY Started

I love hip hop!

Worldwide y’all!

Big ups to my homey Dave Clarke for lighting the way on this one…

Zombies & Cockpits – slow post day

Zombies invade Austin; hero alerts the public

Space Ship One, can I fly it?

Via Gizmodo