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GeekDad: Into The Future

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Check me out!

Check me out:


The View From My Underwater Headquarters

The View From My Underwater Headquarters

Just a few weeks ago, I tracked my 1000th hit on my blog. And yesterday, without realizing it, I posted my 100th article. This is fun!


Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day

My kids already know I am their father and I’ve never cut their hand off. So I can say I have one up on Vader this morning!


The View From My Spacestation Headquarters

Wooohooo! Cracked the 1000 total visits mark this morning on my wee lit’l blog.

Next takeover mark, the WORLD!

See you on the internets!



Hilarity! There are some really creative people in the world…

Found while browsing Boing Boing

Nice! Geordi Skys With The Tricorder

Methinks Ill be buying this

Methinks I'll be buying this

Via Loiter as found on Levar Burton’s Twitter page

Now They’ve Gone Too Far

I saw this while at work today and almost said WTF?!?!? out loud….

This is just freaky!

This is just freaky!

via Gizmodo

Kobe Bryant and the Broken Ankles

NOTE: The fam is getting all settled here in Huntsville, AL. It’s rough being without access to the intertubes for just a few days. We forget what we did before all of those pipes were created. The GC posts will now be resuming their normal schedule. Also, I missed the first episode of BSG dagnabit! Now, I gotta catch it online or in a rerun!

I boosted this from a friend’s blog. Hilarious…