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GeekDad: I See Black People On A Spaceship

geekdadnewlogoI think this was my best article to date. Discussion on race always brings out great comments. Check me out!

Revisiting Rama

The Internet. Click, click, click. And you end up on some purely random site. Sometimes you end up on the worst designed webpage ever (please if you have not been trained in web design, hire someone)! Other times, you stumble upon something that is pure genius.

I read parts of the Rama series way back. This great vid (via Slashfilm) brought back all of the memories. Created by Aaron Ross while a student at NYU, this makes me want to change careers. I’d love to bring some of my favorite sci-fi stories to vid  life. Especially, if I can get equipment and a room full of talent like James Cameron did.

My Daughter Reviews Avatar

The fam went to see Avatar this weekend. In a change of pace, my daughter is going to do the review. Enjoy!

Yesterday I went to go see the new movie Avatar with my family. I am 10 years old and this is my dad’s blog.

You should buy tickets for the movie Avatar because of the graphics. They were awesome! It even made it better with it in 3D. Only this 3D is different. Its not popping out at you, its more like you are in the movie with the characters.

You should also go see it because of the story. It was OK, not great. It was a familiar story line, a guy goes to a different place for some reason and he falls in love and loves it there. Over all I think it was a pretty good story.

In addition ,you should go see Avatar because of the characters. My favorite character was Neytiri. You’ll have to take your family to the movie to find out her role. The only thing I’ll tell you is that she plays a big role in the movie.

So as you can see, you should check out Avatar because of the graphics, the story, and the characters. My family might even buy it on Blu-ray when it comes out!

Two Great Videos

After a very busy Friday and Saturday with my daughter’s FLL competition, I had to get caught up on my web-browsing. These were two great video’s that lifted my spirits.

Slingers looks like a great new show! I’ll have to make sure I catch it when it comes on or over the web (nowadays is there a difference?). I love great stories with sci-fi just embedded. Where sci-fi/tech is not the main character!

And I’m a potter fan-boy to the end. While I’ll be sad when the movies are over (just as I was when the books ended), I can not wait until the final two movies are released in theatres.

It’s On Now! Star Wars Celebration V

The anticipation is finally over! And in August 2010, Star Wars fanatics will descend on Orlando, Florida for Celebration V. Announced yesterday, the fifth iteration of the Star Wars mega-convention, the first in the US since 2006, will run from August 12 ~ 15, 2010. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, December 10.

Now mind you that the new Harry Potter theme park is set to open next year as well. My advice to any non-geeks, is to abandon the Orlando area next August. I can just imagine a large battle royale as members the Star Wars clan descend upon the Magical World of Harry Potter! Maybe we’ll see a repeat of scenes from Beat Street as the two groups battle it out B-Boy style with cries of “May the Force be with you!” mixed in with shouts of “Expecto Patronum”!

GeekDad: Surrogates Review

geekdadnewlogoI did a review of the new Surrogates movie on GeekDad. Sit back in your stim chair and click the link below…

War of the Worlds: Goliath

war_of_the_worlds_goliath_posterWhile doing research for a new GeekDad article, I stumbled across an article on SciFi Scoop (my new favorite site) about an exciting straight to DVD movie (coming in 2010). War of the Worlds: Goliath takes the H.G. Wells story of Martian invasion and follows through with the Martians returning after a 15 year hiatus. Evidently, they’ve overcome their microbe issue and are ready to try & take Earth once again. But this time, we are ready! Steampunk mechas y’all!

Check out the trailer (below) and the official site.

NOTE: Not that I mind, but why does the brotha always have to be muscle-bound and pack major heat!

2012 Is Coming!

Sorry for playing into the hype, but this viral ad for a fictitious company featured in the new movie is pretty slick. BA says he’s gotten email from people thinking that the ad is real. The trailer for 2012 rocks, I can’t wait until we go see it!

Via Bad Astronomy

Neill Blomkamp: My New Favorite Director In The World

I have not even seen D9 yet. But my friends over at GeekDad, tell me it’s a keeper. Through that article, I saw the link to the “may be dead” Halo movie concept. Seeing as how I’ve just started to get into Halo, this “trailer/mini-movie” was spot on. I hope the movie powers that be reconsider now that Neill has blown the spot up. I wanted to embed the movie from Spyfilms, but could only get the Quicktime download. Here is the YouTube version. But please go to the Spyfilms site to see other great concepts!

District 9

Multi-National United Community WatchI just stumbled on to the viral site for an upcoming movie, District 9. I watched the trailer and was fooled into thinking this was a documentary about African refugees, until the very last minute. Very clever!

I’m still confused about the premise or where the movie might take the concept. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Don’t forget to take the quiz

By The Power of GraySkull!

Im gonna smash my way back to popularity!

I'm gonna smash my way back to popularity!

Last week, BA had me jazzed with a link to a 70’s / 80’s SuperHero montage. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it. But now comes word of a possible 80’s cartoon hero comeback. Rumor has it over at that He-Man is making a return to the American media and on the big screen at that.

I’m not too sure how this will play out in today’s world. There have been plenty of I’mma-make-a-old-super-hero-new-again busted ass movies the past few years. One of the key features with the Man was his (and his companion’s) over the top buffness. And who can forget Battle Cat (which would have been a sweet name for a rapper in the 80’s when SuperCat was doing his thing).

I wonder who will play the hero this time? Back in 1987, it was I wanna-be-Arnold, Dolph Lundgren. It will be interesting to see how they script this out and make it an excellent movie for us old school folk, but yet relevant for the youngins, like my kids.

Please Mr. Stevenson, don’t mess up my wonderful memories!