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GeekDad: I See Black People On A Spaceship

geekdadnewlogoI think this was my best article to date. Discussion on race always brings out great comments. Check me out!

Pacific: Band of Brother’s West Coast Style

If you are a regular reader, you know that I love hard-core sci-fi. I’ve also become quite the military buff after becoming a huge fan of Tom Hanks’ and Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers. Now comes word that they are putting the finishing touches on a 10-part mini-series for the Pacific theatre of WWII. Here is the trailer for the new show which is set to debut in March 2010:

I’m super pumped about this. I just might have to get my HBO cut on so that I can watch it.

Two Great Videos

After a very busy Friday and Saturday with my daughter’s FLL competition, I had to get caught up on my web-browsing. These were two great video’s that lifted my spirits.

Slingers looks like a great new show! I’ll have to make sure I catch it when it comes on or over the web (nowadays is there a difference?). I love great stories with sci-fi just embedded. Where sci-fi/tech is not the main character!

And I’m a potter fan-boy to the end. While I’ll be sad when the movies are over (just as I was when the books ended), I can not wait until the final two movies are released in theatres.

V: My First Impressions

My wife's eyes only fall on the right side of this image

There’s almost nothing worse than having to get some real work done when a great show is on the tube. Last night I watched the first episode of V (re-imagined) while trying to build a dimensional modeling tutorial. My initial thoughts were Wow! I loved the opening scenes and the setup.

The show did a great job of laying out the main characters, their issues, and the initial path along the V road. Elizabeth Mitchell was great! I thought she was good in Lost and she’s the perfect fit for this show.

The graphics (which get ever so cheaper to produce) were equally nice. A lot of the CG in TV shows today rival what was done in movies just 5 or 6 years ago.

And what I did not like. Too much, too fast. Yes, this is a re-imagining. But, there were just too many reveals in the first episode. Morris is Visitor. So is Elizabeth’s partner. The Visitor’s are really evil. They could have spread this out over a couple of episodes.

We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks. Hopefully, this can turn into a long running show. I miss BSG 😦

Space: Above & Beyond

A REAL woman!

A REAL woman!

I had a nostalgia moment while browsing the intertubes. Space: Above & Beyond was a hit waaay back in 1995 (still in college!)

I had high hopes for this series. Alas, it only lasted for a year. I especially had a jones for Lanei Chapman (Lt. Damphousse)! Hey this was before I was officially married!