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BSG: It’s Over, So Say We All

It was a fun ride!

It was a fun ride!

Overall? I liked it. The action and the tie-up of many plotlines were on point. There are some still left open (more on that later), but Ron Moore hit the major ones.

I really liked the “this has all happened before” tie-in with today’s world. I thought it was funny that all of the “advanced” robots they showed in the clips were Japanese (we Americans have a lot of schooling to catch up on that one). So here are some of my highlights:

1. Best Moment

The Doc getting all choked up when Laura expresses her gratitude. Damn great acting! Had a brother tearin up seeing that hard callous of a man breakdown like that.

2. Best Moment #2

Athena not hesitating to smoke Boomer. Damn, don’t mess with her kids and her man!

3. Corniest Moment

The “chasing the baby to the CIC” flow. They had to tie it in somehow, but that was kinda lame…

4. Awww Dude! Moment

Chief snapping Tory’s neck. We know the Chief had anger management problems, but yo!?

5. Questioning My Manhood Moment

Thinking too much about how Lee was rocking that mini-beard and shaggy hair…

6. WTF Moments

– Cavil eating a bullet! Dude just gave up, said FRAK!, and was done…

– Starbuck ghosting (what was she Ron! tell us!)…

And now, things to look forward to:

1. BSG: The Plan

This should answer some of the plot holes that the finale did not cover. The commercial said coming this fall. So now I have some good TV to anticipate over the long “rerun” summer.

2. Caprica

The commercial for this was nice too. Looks more like a little less spacey stuff and more drama/conflict/ethics. I’m willing to give this one a go too.

So what do I do between now and “this fall” (is that like September or November?!). Go frakkin’ crazy!