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Geekout My Work Desk

All your databases are belong to us

All your databases are belong to us

Since moving into my new job, my work desk is kinda boring. Part of the reason is that I am not sure what would constitute “appropriate” for a contractor at a government facility. But still, I really need to get some inspiration going in my workspace.

I saw this pic over on today. I’d love to put this wee lil’ Cylon near my computer to let folks know my steez. Here are links to a few other desktop goodies I’d love to have. Anyone want to donate? I accept checks, money orders, cash, and will sign up for PayPal if you want to go that route.

So Far So Good – Go Kepler!

Kepler leaving the gravity well

Kepler leaving the gravity well

In between commercials of this week’s BSG episode (which was a 7.5 out of 10 for me),  I kept switching back to the NASA TV channel (one of the benefits of living in Huntsville and next to a NASA facility, is that they have their own channel on cable!). I missed the initial live launch of Kepler, but caught it on a replay. So far so good!

UPDATE 2009/03/07: After a near perfect liftoff and separation (watch the cool video), Kepler has achieved its heliocentric orbit. Heliocentric means that Kepler will orbit the sun, not the Earth. The launch placed the new telescope in the same orbit as our planet, but 950 miles away (trailing of course). Over time, it will continue to drift further and further away. In about 30 days, we’ll start to see the first scientific results. Booya!

BSG: Blood On The Scales

Rest in peace Felix

Rest in peace Felix

INSTAPOST: Another bangin’ episode! Even though I already knew they couldn’t let Adama go out like a punk, I was still on the edge of my seat during this entire show. I must say that Starbuck is bad as hell! She cold cocked dude while he was taking a pee break. How come Lee didn’t take em out? Hilarious.

In the end, I felt sorry for Felix. He really did think he was doing the right thing. And Zarek deserved a bullet. How do you smoke the whole quorum? Maniac.

So here are my questions:

We know Sam can’t be dead, but where is he, Starbuck, and Romo?

What did Tyrol see in the FTL engine room on the wall?

When are the other Cylons going to catch up to the fleet? I miss the coniving Cavil.

The preview for next week looks like a lot of reveals. Damn.7 more days…

Baby Cylon, Not Baby Cylon

Baby Nicky, the not half-cylon baby

Baby Nicky, the not half-cylon baby

There is a scene in the Color Purple, where Celie finds out that the man she thought was her daddy, is not her father after all. Which is especially good news, as the man got her pregnant and had two kids with her. In the movie, she says “Pa not pa”. I thought of this when last night’s episode revealed that Baby Nicky was not a half-cylon after all.”Baby cylon, not baby cylon“.

In my opinion, this was another great episode! For the most part, things were being setup for later in the season. The President stopped taking her meds, Zarak is up to no good as usual, the Good Cylons are making a powerplay, and Adama is trying to keep it all together. And we can’t forget Felix going off the deep end and starting to plan a mutiny (I was just waiting for him to bust out in song!).

I am definitely looking forward to next week. I get the feeling that the writers have really put some thought into how all of this closes out. I am going to miss good TV like this, once the show ends. 😦

Almost here!


I’m really looking forward to the next season. Although, it’s going to suck that this is the final set of episodes. I’ve really enjoyed what Ron Moore has done with the show. Very edgy, a great cast, and a great story. I hope that the new Caprica prequel will be just as good.

The SciFi channel has a great (and very funny) three season recap to get you through the essentials, if you’ve never seen the show. But I recommend, you purchase the DVDs and get caught up the old fashioned way.

Official gripe: I love Lt. Dualla and Simon, but can we please get a few more major Black characters. I know in the future, race won’t matter, but damn…