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b.vikkis great aunties

b.vikki's great aunties

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Circa 2009

Circa 2009

My how times have changed!

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Black Google Network

tshirtI style myself as a Black Nerd. Most times, it is tough to find other folk that have an African American cultural background and at the same time, be a straight-up tech head, or in my words a Black Nerd. I read about this post about the Black Google Network this afternoon. Now, I am not sure if these folks would classify themselves as nerds, but working for the top nerd company in the world (at least right now), I bet there are a few in the bunch.

It would be nice to be able to network with other folks like myself. I have a link to the Black Nerd Network in the sidebar. Seems like they are getting a good start and I hope I can be a part of spreading the love (btw, I have an aversion to social networks, so I have not joined their FaceBook group). In a few weeks, I’ll be moving to one of the top tech towns in the U.S. Hopefully, I can find a group of black nerds to get my tech on with. Ms. Calrissian can only take so much of me talking about the latest telescopes, breakthroughs in nanotechnology, and espousing my opinions on where we need to go with our space program.