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Neill Blomkamp: My New Favorite Director In The World

I have not even seen D9 yet. But my friends over at GeekDad, tell me it’s a keeper. Through that article, I saw the link to the “may be dead” Halo movie concept. Seeing as how I’ve just started to get into Halo, this “trailer/mini-movie” was spot on. I hope the movie powers that be reconsider now that Neill has blown the spot up. I wanted to embed the movie from Spyfilms, but could only get the Quicktime download. Here is the YouTube version. But please go to the Spyfilms site to see other great concepts!

District 9

Multi-National United Community WatchI just stumbled on to the viral site for an upcoming movie, District 9. I watched the trailer and was fooled into thinking this was a documentary about African refugees, until the very last minute. Very clever!

I’m still confused about the premise or where the movie might take the concept. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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