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Fall 20 Miles And Survive

In 1960, a crazy Air Force pilot rode a balloon up to 102,000 feet (a third of the way into “space”) and jumped. Wearing a special suit, Joe Kittinger eventually reach 600+ miles per hour in his free fall, breaking the sound barrier. The fall and subsequent parachute landing still stands in the record books.

Now, 50 years later, another crazy man wants to break that record. Felix Baumgartner is currently training and this year plans to ride up to 120,000 feet. Felix’s suit will be using today’s technology and his team will be able to monitor his descent from the ground. He too will break the sound barrier in his dive.

All I know is he better have an HD camera so that he can share with the world, as I doubt I’ll ever attempt this myself. But you never know…

Via Gizmodo.