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GeekDad: Future Space Jobs

geekdadnewlogoIt has been more than a while since I had a post on GeekDad. I thought of this one the other day as I realized that we are getting closer to having a true space economy. Check me out!

GeekDad: I See Black People On A Spaceship

geekdadnewlogoI think this was my best article to date. Discussion on race always brings out great comments. Check me out!

GeekDad: Space 2010

geekdadnewlogoI put together a summary of what’s up for the space realm in 2010. Check me out!

GeekDad:WISE will rise on 12/11

geekdadnewlogoAnother great space telescope is set to launch on Friday morning. Tune in if you can. And be sure to show your kids the replay when they get home from school!

GeekDad: Goodbye Space Shuttle :-(

geekdadnewlogoI forgot to repost my GD article about the demise of the Space Shuttle. So here ye go mate!

GeekDad: Halo Encyclopedia

geekdadnewlogoI am a late arriver to the Halo game, but was lucky enough to land a Q&A with Tobias Buckell, consulting editor for the Halo Encyclopedia.

GeekDad: Carl Sagan Day!

geekdadnewlogoI have a new post over on GeekDad! Celebrating one of the greatest science communicators of all time!

GeekDad: NASA iPhone Application – Download Now!

geekdadnewlogoI forgot to repost this on GC after it landed on GeekDad last week. If you have an iPhone, you MUST download this app!

GeekDad: Surrogates Review

geekdadnewlogoI did a review of the new Surrogates movie on GeekDad. Sit back in your stim chair and click the link below…

GeekDad: Star Wars Concert

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Use the Force and click the link below!

Neill Blomkamp: My New Favorite Director In The World

I have not even seen D9 yet. But my friends over at GeekDad, tell me it’s a keeper. Through that article, I saw the link to the “may be dead” Halo movie concept. Seeing as how I’ve just started to get into Halo, this “trailer/mini-movie” was spot on. I hope the movie powers that be reconsider now that Neill has blown the spot up. I wanted to embed the movie from Spyfilms, but could only get the Quicktime download. Here is the YouTube version. But please go to the Spyfilms site to see other great concepts!

GeekDad: NASA’s Decisions

geekdadnewlogoMy post on GeekDad went popular today. I even got above the fold for the first time!

Check me out:

Buzz Aldrin, Snoop, and Talib

Check out my GeekDad post on the latest hip hop artist to hit the scene:

Crashing Into The Moon For Science

Repost from my GeekDad article: