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New Star Wars MMO Trailer, The Fanboy In Me Shivers With Glee

I may have to break my “No MMO” rule for this…

Via IO9..

I want to be a Jedi, like my father!

The Old RepublicA few weeks back, Ta-Nehisi Coates blogged about having issues with your special someone if you’re an avid WoW player. I commented that that was the reason I had not signed up for any MMO anywhere. Then came news that you might not get the coveted job you always wanted if you’re exposed as an MMO’er.

And now, BioWare is close to releasing what may be one of the most badass MMOs to date. Star Wars: The Old Republic is shaping up to be a big thrill ride for Star Wars fans across the globe. Check out the latest trailer for some lightsaber goodness.

Do I dare risk the blissful and stress free times at the Calrissian household?

Note to BioWare: Please don’t mess this up!

Thanks to the Penny Arcade for the info…