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Going The Extra Mile

I recently finished reading Scott Sigler’s Contagious (see my review). After getting online and looking through the author’s website, another of his novels caught my eye. Not necessarily for the title, but the pictures. And I’m not talking about the book cover!

The novel, The Rookie, is about a human playing in the Galactic Football League. A future, rough and tumble version of American football. The reviews of the novel are great. The response from Sigler’s fans are phenomenal!

From the website, Scott has links to official team logos; he’s selling jerseys, hats, and stickers; there’s even an iPhone app! Now this is what I call “customer engagement”. This is the future! Bringing your fans that extra level of involvement to drive loyalty, respect, and of course dollars!

New authors (and existing ones if you can run with the times) take note! Your fanbase can become just as intense. This will be what the market demands as the social space of the internet further moves into our everyday lives.


Review: Contagious by Scott Sigler

ContagiousThis book was awesome! I’m not a big horror fan, but Sigler really took me there for this book. His writing is great! And Scott has one of THE best online presences out there! Visit the author’s website and his FB fan page.

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