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What’s Up @ NASA?

Last week, I put on my first JPL Solar System Ambassador event for this year. It was a brand new presentation I put together called, “What’s Up @ NASA?”. The aim was to highlight some of NASA’s current missions (there is much more going on than just the Space Shuttle) and to talk about what’s to come in the future. We (and I say we, because I had much help from the fam) held the presentation at the New Albany branch of the Columbus Library (the best library in the country, and I’m not just saying that!).

I timed the event for 5PM to catch the after school crowd as well as after work people. And it was a huge success! We had about 65 people to attend. Students, parents, and even a few grand-parents.

Big contributors to the level of attendance were the middle and high school teachers at the New Albany school district. I sent a few teachers a flyer for the eventĀ and the week before the presentation they were sending copies home with all of the students! It helped that they offered extra credit to students if they attended!

This was my 3rd or 4th event in the last few years and it felt really great. A nice change of pace from the drudgery of building and loading millions of rows of data in my company’s Data Warehouse at the day job. A few students stayed behind to ask questions, which is always nice. It’s not every day you get to meet kids that are geeky and into the sciences.

I look forward to putting on my next presentation. If you are in the area, drop me a line and I’ll keep you posted on the date and time…


OK. I’m back…

I doubt that I have many people on the internets checking this blog everyday waiting to see if I have any new posts. If you are one of those people, I love you! It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year (to the day) since my last post. Things got busy at work, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had not posted anything to GC for a long while.

So, I’m back now. I’m still a reading fool, so you can still expect to see my book reviews (although I may switch to something other than LibraryThing). I’m also getting back into my JPL Solar System Ambassador kick. I have a few presentations lined up. I’ll post my thoughts and some pics here later.

And oh yeah…I will be experimenting with the theme for the blog (WordPress! You have come a long way…)

Image via Flickr user Jelly Dude…