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Sorry Shuttle, Mine Eyes Will Not See You Fly :(

For the longest time, I had “See a space shuttle flight” on my TODO list. There is only one more to go and unfortunately, I have not hit it big with a hot web app (90s’), nor a spectacular mobile app (00’s). Thus, there is no spare cash to flit me back and forth to Florida to catch an ever delayed launch (got to keep the day job). So, I’ll have to revise this particular TODO.

Hopefully, with the onset of some really exciting happenings in the commercial space flight arena, I may still get that opportunity to feel the rumble of thousands of pounds of thrust in my bones. SpaceX is leasing out Pad #40 and with the coming the Falcon 9 Heavy, I may get the opp to see a new Lunar or Martian mission push up and out of the gravity well.

And if I do eventually hit it big with the next goldrush in technology (nano?), maybe I’ll be able to afford to not only watch, but participate. Assuming that Mrs. Calrissian will allow me to see the dark side of the moon.

Image from Quest for Stars’ Senatobia-1 Mission:

GeekDad: Goodbye Space Shuttle :-(

geekdadnewlogoI forgot to repost my GD article about the demise of the Space Shuttle. So here ye go mate!

Will Somebody Please Buy Me A New Telescope!?!?!

So I can shoot pictures like this! Very cool! Now remember kids, this was taken from the ground and the ISS is about 215 miles up!


Gracias senor BA!

Only 7 More To Go :-(

The end is coming too fast! I only have seven more chances to catch a Space Shuttle launch. That is unless the Human Space Flight Review Committee recommends an extension for the Shuttle and the Obama administration approves. Big decisions are in the works…

And Then There Were Six

STS-119 docking with the ISS

STS-119 docking with the ISS

One of the goals for the International Space Station was for it to serve as a base of operations for scientific studies. For the longest time, we’ve only been able to have three people on staff in the ISS at one time due to size and power constraints. Now, that is all about to change.

As of this post, the Space Shuttle crew is finishing up docking procedures with the ISS. With the addition of the final set of solar panels they are delivering, Luke Skywalker’s friends will fall into the Emperor’s trap and attempt to take on a fully operational battle station!

Ooooops, slipped into uber-nerd for a minute. The original post will now resume…

In addition to increased power, the ISS will now be able to fully staff its intended level of six crew members. This will be a great boon for the scientific community as a lot more research and experimentation will be on the docket. After this flight, there are only 11 more scheduled for the venerable space plane. I still have “Seeing a shuttle launch” on my bucket list.