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Review: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber

Death TroopersIn my book, you can’t go wrong with zombies. A nice read; I’d recommend for Young Adults who are SW fans. Be sure to visit the author’s website.

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Review: Dynasty of Evil (Darth Bane) by Drew Karpyshyn

Dynasty of Evil, Darth BaneA nice read and nice advancement in the legend of the Rule of Two. Be sure to visit the author’s website.

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It’s On Now! Star Wars Celebration V

The anticipation is finally over! And in August 2010, Star Wars fanatics will descend on Orlando, Florida for Celebration V. Announced yesterday, the fifth iteration of the Star Wars mega-convention, the first in the US since 2006, will run from August 12 ~ 15, 2010. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, December 10.

Now mind you that the new Harry Potter theme park is set to open next year as well. My advice to any non-geeks, is to abandon the Orlando area next August. I can just imagine a large battle royale as members the Star Wars clan descend upon the Magical World of Harry Potter! Maybe we’ll see a repeat of scenes from Beat Street as the two groups battle it out B-Boy style with cries of “May the Force be with you!” mixed in with shouts of “Expecto Patronum”!

Review: Star Wars: Abyss by Troy Denning

Star Wars: AbyssI feel like the story line is getting back on track. Not great, but a solid entry in the canon.

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GeekDad: Star Wars Concert

geekdadnewlogoGotta new post @ GeekDad today. Use the Force and click the link below!

Review: Star Wars: Omen by Christie Golden

Star Wars OmenThis was not a good read. I have faith that Troy Denning will do the series well in the next one.

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Review: Star Wars: Outcast by Aaron Allston

Star Wars OutcastI had to take a break from the Star Wars EU after The New Jedi Order, Legacy Of The Force, and The Dark Nest Trilogy. Reading this was like meeting up with an old friend for lunch.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day

My kids already know I am their father and I’ve never cut their hand off. So I can say I have one up on Vader this morning!

New Star Wars MMO Trailer, The Fanboy In Me Shivers With Glee

I may have to break my “No MMO” rule for this…

Via IO9..

And Then There Were Six

STS-119 docking with the ISS

STS-119 docking with the ISS

One of the goals for the International Space Station was for it to serve as a base of operations for scientific studies. For the longest time, we’ve only been able to have three people on staff in the ISS at one time due to size and power constraints. Now, that is all about to change.

As of this post, the Space Shuttle crew is finishing up docking procedures with the ISS. With the addition of the final set of solar panels they are delivering, Luke Skywalker’s friends will fall into the Emperor’s trap and attempt to take on a fully operational battle station!

Ooooops, slipped into uber-nerd for a minute. The original post will now resume…

In addition to increased power, the ISS will now be able to fully staff its intended level of six crew members. This will be a great boon for the scientific community as a lot more research and experimentation will be on the docket. After this flight, there are only 11 more scheduled for the venerable space plane. I still have “Seeing a shuttle launch” on my bucket list.

I Wish I Could Draw :-(

Sometimes I get full of myself over my technical prowess. Being the GoTo guy in my family (and extended family) for all things computer related, being adept in a number of programming languages, exhibiting my highly advanced skills in Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL at work.

But I have no artistic skill. Can’t draw squat. Can’t act my way out of a sleeping bag. Can’t sing worth a lick. Can’t play an instrument (at least not now, but I think I can learn).

So when I come across something so nerdy, yet so artsy at the same time, I get a little jelly.

I saw this over on Boing Boing today. Mr. Fleming, you sir are dope! I may have to order me up something from his Big Cartel shop and give the guy some financial love!

I want to be a Jedi, like my father!

The Old RepublicA few weeks back, Ta-Nehisi Coates blogged about having issues with your special someone if you’re an avid WoW player. I commented that that was the reason I had not signed up for any MMO anywhere. Then came news that you might not get the coveted job you always wanted if you’re exposed as an MMO’er.

And now, BioWare is close to releasing what may be one of the most badass MMOs to date. Star Wars: The Old Republic is shaping up to be a big thrill ride for Star Wars fans across the globe. Check out the latest trailer for some lightsaber goodness.

Do I dare risk the blissful and stress free times at the Calrissian household?

Note to BioWare: Please don’t mess this up!

Thanks to the Penny Arcade for the info…