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Google Wave Is Going To Kill Everybody

I pray for Google’s competition. They will become a monopoly simply because they create the BEST products!

See What Those Kids In NY Started

I love hip hop!

Worldwide y’all!

Big ups to my homey Dave Clarke for lighting the way on this one…

Visit Mars with The Googles

MER Opportunities waypoints around Victoria Crater

MER Opportunity's waypoints around Victoria Crater


That was about all I could say after reading the online buzz about the new Mars mode in Google Earth 5.0. I couldn’t wait to get home from the day job and get my hands on the update myself.

For you Google Earth users, you can now visit, fly over, zoom in, and explore our red planetary neighbor in all of its glory! The image and telemetry data was provided by the many exploration initiatives NASA and ESA have going on right now and in the past, including MRO, MER, MGS, and Mars Express.

I’m still exploring and playing with the new interface, so here is a write up to a more extensive overview. At the top is my first screenshot of where the MER Opportunity spent much of its time recently. At the end of this post are more of my screenshots from the new GE interface.

Back in 2006, NASA and Google agreed to partner with each other in helping to disseminate planetary data via the Space Act Agreement. This new feature built into GE (and a damn BIG feature it is!) is just the first in what this new partnership dares to bring to planetary scientist wannabes like myself. I can’t wait until more juicy chunks of data are made so readily available to the masses.

If you have not had the opportunity to use Google Earth at all, you now have one more reason to hit the download site and get it for yourself. Go NASA and go The Googles!

The Big 4 volcanoes using terrain data from MGS

The Big 4 volcanoes using terrain data from MGS

Valles Marineris in an edge on view using Mars Express data

Valles Marineris in an edge on view using Mars Express data

Spirit near its current resting place near Home Plate

3D model of Spirit at its current resting place near Home Plate

Google Reader Stats

I’ve been using Google Reader to lurk around the blogosphere. I hardly use many of the features it offers. But I thought Stats page was pretty cool (not sure how useful). Here is a snapshot of my Top 10 Most Read:

Google Reader stats

Black Google Network

tshirtI style myself as a Black Nerd. Most times, it is tough to find other folk that have an African American cultural background and at the same time, be a straight-up tech head, or in my words a Black Nerd. I read about this post about the Black Google Network this afternoon. Now, I am not sure if these folks would classify themselves as nerds, but working for the top nerd company in the world (at least right now), I bet there are a few in the bunch.

It would be nice to be able to network with other folks like myself. I have a link to the Black Nerd Network in the sidebar. Seems like they are getting a good start and I hope I can be a part of spreading the love (btw, I have an aversion to social networks, so I have not joined their FaceBook group). In a few weeks, I’ll be moving to one of the top tech towns in the U.S. Hopefully, I can find a group of black nerds to get my tech on with. Ms. Calrissian can only take so much of me talking about the latest telescopes, breakthroughs in nanotechnology, and espousing my opinions on where we need to go with our space program.

If I had 10 million dollars

Many people fantasize about what they would do if they won or inherited a ton of money. Buy new houses and cars. Take expensive vacations. Definitely quit work.

But not me (well I would do the things above, but they would not be the focus of my new found wealth). I would donate a lot of it to the X Prize Foundation (or something like it). The X Prize Foundation started in 1996, but the idea of offering a reward for achieving a very hard to reach goal extends way back in history.

To me, there is no better way to spend away your pile of gold, then to offer rewards to those explorers and entrepreneurs that have a vision to help make this a better planet. Last week, the Northop Grumman Lunar Lander X Prize awarded it’s first ever prize to Armadillo Aerospace. For their efforts, AA collected $350,000 and the admiration of nerds around the world.

Next on my list of “most exciting things”, is the Google Lunar X Prize which will award $30 million to the first team to land a privately funded, built, and launched craft to our nearest celestial neighbor. In a previous post I mentioned how the Planetary Society would like for the United States to focus on “beyond the Moon” exploration. It would be great to see the X Prize Foundation take up this mantle and offer a reward for some of the goals proposed by the Society.