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2012 Is Coming!

Sorry for playing into the hype, but this viral ad for a fictitious company featured in the new movie is pretty slick. BA says he’s gotten email from people thinking that the ad is real. The trailer for 2012 rocks, I can’t wait until we go see it!

Via Bad Astronomy

Trailer For Del Toro’s The Strain

I just finished reading the awesomely badass The Strain last week (see my review here). While looking up the opinions of other folks on the internets, I ran across this equally badass trailer! A must share! (warning: language definitely NSFW)

Only 7 More To Go :-(

The end is coming too fast! I only have seven more chances to catch a Space Shuttle launch. That is unless the Human Space Flight Review Committee recommends an extension for the Shuttle and the Obama administration approves. Big decisions are in the works…

Kayuga Falling Into The Moon

Kayuga completed it’s mission and as planned crashed into the moon last week. JAXA released the HD video of its demise onto their YouTube channel. Wow! LCROSS is many times more massive than Kayuga, so the fireworks will be impressive. But LCROSS does not have an HD camera aboard. Someone should turn this into a 3D video.

Mars Cribs with Janine Baijnath

MDRS, the party spot!

MDRS, the party spot!

The Mars Society runs an analog station in the Utah desert, Mars Desert Research Station. The location has terrain similar to what may be expected on Mars, so it gives researchers a place to experiment with different exploration techniques, crew schedules and tasks, as well as studying psychological conditions (can’t have people going postal 100 million miles from home).  The crew’s usually do a two to four week stint at the station.

I am on the Mars Society‘s mailing list and this morning I received a note about the wrap up of Crew 75. After a few click-throughs I ended up on the crew’s YouTube page. Most everyone has seen the MTV show Cribs. Well, it looks like some of the producers have moved off planet. 🙂

I think Miss Janine did a great job as tour guide. It’s good to see a little humor being injected into the science world every now and then…


MDRS will play host to this year’s University Rover Challenge. Ahhh…what I wouldn’t give to be a young pup back in the university world again…

Kobe Bryant and the Broken Ankles

NOTE: The fam is getting all settled here in Huntsville, AL. It’s rough being without access to the intertubes for just a few days. We forget what we did before all of those pipes were created. The GC posts will now be resuming their normal schedule. Also, I missed the first episode of BSG dagnabit! Now, I gotta catch it online or in a rerun!

I boosted this from a friend’s blog. Hilarious…